Birth Stories

Welcome! I am TyanaDanae, a birth photographer serving families in Dallas and surrounding cities. 

My passion for birth photography stems from the deep understanding that the arrival of a new life is an extraordinary event, filled with many emotions—anticipation, excitement, strength, vulnerability, and overwhelming love. As your birth photographer, I aim to capture the raw emotions, tender connections, and awe-inspiring beauty of birth through the camera lens.  

With a keen eye for detail and a compassionate approach, I will work hand in hand with expectant parents, midwives, and healthcare professionals to ensure a seamless experience. I am a mother of three and understand the delicate nature of birth and the need for privacy and respect. This time is sacred, and I do not take that lightly! Therefore, I will navigate the birthing environment discreetly, allowing you to focus on the profound journey ahead. Whether it's a home birth, a water birth, a hospital delivery, or a planned cesarean section, I'm dedicated to preserving the authenticity of each birthing experience.

Beyond the birth, the photostory extends to the precious moments immediately following—the first skin-to-skin contact, the first latch, the gentle touch of a parent's hand on a tiny head. These invaluable connections will forever hold a special place in your heart, and I will be honored to commemorate them through photographs. I believe every birth story is unique, and I will always work to document your family story with care and sensitivity. I welcome the opportunity to capture your baby's birth journey as a reminder of the beauty of life's beginning and the power of strength and resilience.

I look forward to being a part of your birth story, capturing the moments that will become cherished memories for a lifetime. 

"We are grateful for Tyana and her gift of capturing our most unforgettable moments and creating a way for us to cherish our beautiful pregnant journey."

—Shayla Green


Midwife Elizabeth

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"I LOVE Tyana's photo and video art! This woman is gifted with super powers. I don't know how she does what she does but, I was completely mesmerized by how she managed to capture all the key players, with just the right expressions, at just the right movements at an amazing home birth she photographed & video recorded. I look at the work she did at that session over & over."

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"Tyana's passion for art shows through every photograph!"

—Dox the Doula